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PHPNW14 was awesome!

Thanks to some very, very kind people (PHPWomen, Jenny Wong, Matt Parker, Gary Hockin, and probably others I forgot), I was able to go to PHPNW. My first PHPNW, my first PHP conference, heck, my first conference. It was fantastic.

I only ended up going to two talks: Derick Rethans' "Debugging: Past, Present & Future" and Anthony Ferrara's "High Performance PHP". Most of the time, I was on the "hallway track", talking to people. I got to meet, among others, Anthony Ferrara, Sara Golemon, Igor Wiedler (better known as @igorwhiletrue)... and an awful lot of others. Sorry for not listing more names, but there are too many. Meeting people in person is great. I actually talked to Anthony about an idea I wanted to implement, and that helped me to perfect it.

I was expecting to write a super-awesome long blog post about this... but I haven't, really. Oh well. Hey, at least I'm writing one!


(Section added late on 2014-10-16)

The bit you were waiting for. Sadly, not many of these... but there are SOME! They're all rubbish mobile phone pictures. They're also the only pictures I have taken by me or of me.

Yeah, not that exciting. But, I DID get a selfie with Igor! How cool! I'm so hip.